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What’s the difference between a glow-worm and a firefly? How and why do glow-worms glow? And where can we see them??

Find out the answers to all these questions and more in the latest Fact Detectives episode!



Over 20 million sleeps and counting!

Imagine you have a pair of magic glasses….. Glasses that help you to see all the magic in the world…. helping you to see things in a new and different and better way….



Pop artist Isaiah Firebrace wasn’t taught much about his traditional culture at school and he’s determined to change that!

Proud Yorta Yorta and Gunditjmara man, Isaiah Firebrace, weaves snippets from his own personal story and culture while connecting us to First Nations knowledge like The Dreaming, Songlines, and Aboriginal Astronomy, against a backdrop of bright illustrations by Mununjali and Fijian artist Jaelyn Biumaiwai.

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What is Kinderling

Music, stories, programs and sleep

Designed for kids. Loved by parents. 

Family listening

The family that raves together stays together! We select the latest and the greatest songs for kids AND grown-ups (hand-picked to be appropriate for little ears) so you can laugh, dance and sing together.

Tailored to your day

Our programs are tailor-made to suit your day and night routine. From breakfast to playtime to the witching hour to bedtime – we have you covered.

Safe and trusted

Research-based programs you can safely turn on any time knowing your children will hear developmentally appropriate, educationally sound and entertaining shows.


Looking for a fun, screen-free alternative? Kinderling has you sorted. Enjoy quality family time without a screen. Play time, dance time, travel time, story time and winding-down-for-bed time.


Calm & Sleep

Kinderling’s award-winning guided meditations and soothing soundscapes will calm your kids and ease little ones into a peaceful slumber. Calming kids to sleep 10 million times and counting.

Perfect for: Calming tantrums, the dreaded witching hour, getting to sleep.

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Enjoy screen-free time together with Kinderling’s huge selection of stories. Revisit classic tales and discover inclusive, diverse Australian stories and adventures. Check back for a new story every Thursday!

Perfect for: bedtime, cartime, playtime and downtime.

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Dance & Sing

Turn on, tune in and rock out with the kids to music that you love that’s also appropriate for their little ears. Guilt-free!

Perfect for: roadtrips, loungeroom dance parties, shaking out the sillies.

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Play & Learn

Educate the little ones with entertaining research-based programming tailored to your child’s developmental stage.

Perfect for: Development, imagination, learning, language.

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