Check out Kinderling’s exciting ch-ch-changes!

You are about to see some significant changes to the programming on your favourite radio station, Kinderling Kids Radio. Keep reading to find out all the details!

Kinderling Kids Radio is making some changes. 

Like your little ones, Kinderling Kids Radio has grown and changed since its birth in 2015. When Kinderling Kids Radio began as a radio station, there was NO kids radio station broadcasting in Australia! We were the very first.

From the very beginning, our goal was to provide a fun and relevant radio station for kids AND their grown-ups. So to keep achieving this goal, we’re making some changes to our programming which will help Kinderling Kids Radio to grow alongside your family.

So what’s changing?

From the 1 August 2022, when you tune into the Kinderling Kids Radio station you will be able enjoy ALL your favourite upbeat music TWENTY FOUR SEVEN! That’s right – fun and educational music, facts, jokes and imagination…all day and all night.

Perfect for the early-birds AND the night owls!!!

But why?

Because we recognise that every single family and every single child has their OWN unique daytime and night time routine. So, instead of trying to make YOU fit OUR programming, you can select the music AND the programming that fits YOUR family’s timetable.

Oh… what about bedtime I hear you ask? 

Every bedtime is different, so here’s a few suggestions for how to make your child’s bedtime a breeze;

OPTION 1: Make your own bedtime routine playlist in the Kinderling App!

Premium subscribers can curate the PERFECT bedtime routine for EACH and EVERY child in the Kinderling App! Just make a playlist for each child; select their favourite stories, Bedtime Explorers meditations, and Sound Bubbles sleep soundscapes; and then – whenever you are ready to settle them down each night – just press PLAY.

OPTION 2: Click PLAY on Kinderling Sleep Radio*.

Kinderling Sleep Radio is a 24/7 stream of music from our overnight Sleepy Soundtrack program. Just PLAY on the Kinderling Kids Sleep radio station to hear soothing, ambient music to keep little (and big) people settled to sleep all through the night.

*Only available in Australia, UK and USA.

Got questions?

Okay, so how are you after all that information?! We realise it’s a lot all at once but we are committed to making Kinderling the best and most helpful friend to your family now, and into the future.

We understand that you might have some feedback or questions, and we are happy to listen and respond.

Please contact us anytime via our Support Page.